The electronic definitions below are listed as a convenience to assist you with general knowledge related to Assisted Living Care Homes. For accuracy on these definitions, please consult with your local, state and/or government agencies.

Personal Care: means the provision of room, board and supervision of, and assistance with, the activities of daily living of a person who is ambulatory or semi-ambulatory


Supervisory Care:

means the provision of room, board and

  1. 1 guidance or supervision in the activities of daily living, or
  2. 2 observation or surveillance of the physical well-being

Directed Care:

means the provision of supervision and assistance with persons

  1. 1 who are incapable of recognizing danger, summoning assistance,
  2. 2 who are incapable of expressing needs or making basic care decisions

Managing difficult behavior and providing activities for individuals with Dementia; providing activities of daily living, appropriate nutrition and prescribed medication.




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