The links below are letters of recommendations from Resident's Family Members, Doctors, Nurses, Co-workers and Patients.

Click on the names to view them.


Letters of Recommendations from Family Members


Jane E. Robinson








Letters of Recommendations from Doctors


James M. Church, M.D.

Victor W. Fazio, M.D.

Ian C. Lavery, M.D. Brian A. Clark, Ph.D., M.D.

Carol A. Burke, M.D.

Floriano Marchetti, M.D.

Luis Francisco Lopez, M.D. Gokhan Ozuner, M.D.






Letters of Recommendations from Nurses and Colleagues


Terry Durr, R.N.

Ellen A. McGannon, B.S.W.

Jeffrey V. Willis II - pharmacy  






Feedback received via E-mails


Ellen A. McGannon, B.S.W.

Donna Gill






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