24 Hour Care

We provide Around the Clock, Tender Loving Care with an experienced and caring staff.  We encourage individuality and independence, however always around to assist you 24 hours a day.

Our care homes have a 24 hour RN and Doctor on-call.  We offer immediate emergency placement and respite care.

We manage residents with; Dementia/Alzheimer's, Incontinence, Diabetic, Insulin Scale, with Catheter and/or Colostomy, NG Tube or G Tube, Oxygen and many more.



Medication &

Health Monitoring

Medication and Health Monitoring are the bare essentials of Assisted Living Homes.  Olivia and Stu have over 10 years of Hospital  experience in various areas of the medical field.  Knowing first hand the importance of proper technique to disperse medication, we keep an individual daily log along with a current list of prescriptions.

Health Monitoring is different with each resident.  As needed and according to the medical directives our caregivers monitor oxygen intake, sugar levels and vital signs three or more times a day.  At Around the Clock-TLC, health monitoring is a 24 hour a day commitment so that our residents receive the best in care.



Medical &


In the event that mobility or traveling becomes difficult, and our residents require home visits from a medical professional, barber, hairdresser, manicurist, etc. Around the Clock-TLC offers a variety of solutions.  We can direct you to Physicians that make house calls and arrangements can be made for a physical therapist, a portable x-ray or even a Podiatrist to come to you.  Most medical related house visits are covered 100% by your medical insurance and/or Medicare.  We take pride in offering the best in care along with accommodating our residents with the most adequate solution to medical alternatives available.



Nutritious Home

Cooked Meals

Nutrition is one of the key essentials for our residents.  We prepare delicious home cooked meals with respects to special dietary requirements.  Our dining areas resemble a small European cuisine style restaurant

We serve 3 meals a day with snacks in between to vary from fresh fruits to pastries and ice-cream.  Respecting proper diet techniques utilizing the nutrition pyramid sets us apart from most care homes.  When you visit, ask our staff to show you the menu.




We offer a variety of activities especially tailored to each individual.  Puzzles, Card Games, Bingo, Crafts, Discussion Groups, Walks, Exercises and many more.  For those that enjoy movies, our library contains over 450 popular titles. 

Each resident's birthday is a special occasion where family members are invited to join in on the festivity.  Holidays are respected and celebrated for each individual's culture or religious background.  Most of our residents have a nondenominational Chaplain that visits once a week to distribute mass or spiritual guidance as needed.



House Keeping &

Laundry Services

When you visit some care facilities, the most uncomfortable aspect to be faced with is unpleasant odors.

Around the Clock-TLC staff maintains a pleasant atmosphere with housekeeping and laundry done daily.  Housekeeping involves sweeping, vacuuming and mopping.  Weather permitting, we open windows daily to allow fresh air to come in.  Our residents and family members never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable or needing to call before coming over.  We have an open door policy and most times the only scent you will encounter is the rich aroma from our home cooked meals.

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